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Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Blackman Enterprises, Inc.
30 Paradise Lane
Jefferson, ME 04348

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What's New:
Within the next 12 months or so, we're working to develop attractants for bear, moose, coyote, and bobcat.
Member Profile:
Old Wet Nose is a scent based product primarily designed to attract hunted animals to a specific location in order to harvest that animal. Secondary, is to attract specific animals to a site in order to view or photograph that animal. Old Wet Nose is designed to be preloaded as a scent dispersing system before you enter the “field”, so that one can hang Old Wet Nose on a limb without the mess of liquids and wicks. At this point the product line includes 3 different deer urines, 3 different fruit attractants and 2 masking scents
Member Bio:
Old Wet Nose came to life with a desire to create a deer attractant system that was easier to use than the present system on the market that uses a bottle of urine and a wick system carried into the deer stand with you and hoping you don’t make a mess. Old Wet Nose is a simple system that is preloaded and/or refreshed before you go into the “field’. Mishaps can be cleaned up before going into the “field”. Old Wet Nose works as well as any attractant or masking system on the market today.
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Retail locations carrying this member's products:
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  Ames Supply, Wiscasset
  Ben’s Trading Post, Presque Isle Ashland One Stop, Ashland Meeting House Market, Dresden
  Kittery Trading Post, Kittery
  Louis Does, Damariscotta
  Macs Trading Post, Houlton Caribou Trading Post, Caribou Howell’s Gun and Archery, Gray
  Morse Sporting Goods, Hillsboro
  New Hampshire:
  Old Town Trading Post, Old Town Voisines, Fort Kent Quigley’s, Fort Kent
  Van Raymonds, Brewer
  Village General Store, Pittston