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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Sarah's Sand Dollars
300 Marrtown Road
Georgetown, ME 04548
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What's New:
I recently added a new line of nature inspired resin earrings, necklaces, and ornaments. We make a csting of the "real" item, then fill it with colored resin. A work-in-progress is designing a bracelet made from my sand dollars.
Member Profile:
My sand dollar jewelry is made from real sand dollars that I gather mostly from my lobster traps. They're dried then dyed, bringing out the delicate pattern. Many coats of my secret sealant are then applied to make them durable enough to be worn as a necklace while retaining their fragile look.
Member Bio:
My name is Sarah Watson Kulis. I grew up and live in Georgetown, ME. I am married with two wonderful daughters, Dory and Brook. I started lobstering with my father when I was nine years old. Since I have grown up with the ocean as a major part of my life, I continue the lobstering tradition and have begun passing it on to my oldest daughter.
Nine years ago, Sarah's Sand Dollars began quite by accident. My husband and I were preparing sand dollars to use as name tags on Christmas gifts when one of us spilled a glass of red wine onto the pile of white sand dollars. We figured they were ruined and left them by the woodstove to dry overnight. The next morning, much to our surprise, we realized that the wine had enhanced the grain to a brilliant pattern. After several evolutions of dyes and sealants, I found the right combination that I continue to use today.
I love my jobs. Being able to make a living from the sea is something that I had always hoped I'd be able to do.

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