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Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Island Gems
52 High Street
Fairfield, ME 04937

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Member Profile:
Wrapped pendants and ornaments of Maine shells. Each with my signature curl.

Earrings are on surgical steel findings.

All shells are in their original shape. I don't reshape them. I spray them to keep the "wet look."
Member Bio:
As a retired educator I decided it was time to play. I vacation on Matinicus Island for a week each year and enjoy collecting the shells. I was intrigued by the various colors and the thickness of the shells. I decided to try making some pendants and found that I got many compliments of their uniqueness. I decided to sell some at a few craft fairs. There were greatly accepted and admired by my customers.

Everything about this work is Maine. I was born in Maine, the shells are from Maine, and I make them in Maine, I sell them in Maine, and many Mainers living in exile are receiving these items from my buyers. When you actually see this work I think you will be impressed.

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  Fisherman's Wife Shop, Matinicus Island, ME
  Gifts at 136, Damariscotta, ME
  Northport Landing Gallery, Northport, ME