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Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Campbell Canes
743 Johnson Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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What's New:
Christmas Special on handmade oak and maple Campbell Canes, designed specifically for clients with balance, stability, and gait issues.. New design was made for a person with Parkinson's .. I can get it to you by Christmas.. They are the coolest walking cane out there.
Limited Quantity.. Natural Maple or walnut stained oak.
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Member Profile:
Campbell canes are both art and function. After attending the National Osteopathic Doctors Convention, we are having patient referrals. The Campbell cane relieves pressure from the shoulder, eases pain for carpal tunnel patients, works the triceps muscle, and forces you to walk upright. Balance and stability are the key words, plus it relieves pressure on the lungs. You inner ear provide a vehicle for balance. The Campbell Cane makes you walk upright and your line of sight helps to maintain inner ear function. If you are bent over, your eyes take over, and you are more likely to fall if someone bumps into you. You look a lot "COOLER" than using those institutional models. People will stop you and ask questions. If you do not like people, do not buy a Campbell Cane
For centuries, Scottish highlanders relied on sturdy handcrafted walking canes to provide a wee bit of balance and support in crossing the moors or traversing the wild landscape of their homeland. Unique and practical, these canes symbolized the rugged characteristics of the men who carried them.

Today, men and women around the world are returning to the natural materials, simple designs and high quality preferred by their ancestors in their search for a walking cane of distinction.

Campbell Canes - Original Campbell Handle - Our canes and walking sticks are handcrafted from regional and exotic woods, stained and finished with careful attention to detail. Each bears the signature seal of its craftsman and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Most notably, the Campbell Handle™ is specially designed to maximize stability and balance. The grip is firm and comfortable while the curved shape exercises the triceps muscles and relieves overworked shoulder muscles. The Campbell Handle™ is sure to restore confidence and pride wherever you travel.
Member Bio:
Ron Campbell is a woodworker, furniture-maker and designer, and business owner whose Scottish ancestry has always been a source of strength and pride. He designed the original Campbell Handle™ in the mid-1980s after observing people bent over canes; however, it was his recovery from knee surgery in 2008 that proved the value of the Campbell Handle™ as a walking cane. The cane gave him a sense of security through added balance and support, and improved his mobility, especially for climbing stairs. He also believes it shortened his recovery time by increasing his ability to exercise and boosting his confidence.

Since that time Ron has designed more canes and walking handles, each to meet specific needs.

For balance, support, comfort or confidence — whatever your need for a cane - Campbell Canes™ can meet it with style. Contact us today to share your story with Ron and to discover together which cane will work best for you.
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