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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Towels to Aprons
PO Box 59
22 Beech Ridge Drive
Abbot, ME 04406
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What's New:
Adjustable,removable apron strings.
Member Profile:
These are adjustable, removable apron strings that turn any of your beautiful kitchen towels into an apron. Can also be used as a bib or coverlet for nursing mothers. Set includes 1 set of Apron Strings & 2 Tea Towels.
Member Bio:
Towels to Aprons started in Abbot Maine on the shores of beautiful Piper Pond. In December of 2007 my then almost two year old daughter had decided that she was going to "help" mommy make Christmas cookies. I decided to make us matching aprons to wear when we were cooking. I took two of my nicest holiday dish towels and made them into aprons. We liked them very much, and they looked very nice. I then realized that I no longer had my nice holiday dish towels, they were aprons. This was the start of the idea for Towels to Aprons. I thought if I could make removable apron strings, then any towel could become an apron! I made a set and they worked very well. I then realized that they would only work on someone who was the same size as my daughter, who has alot of growing to do, so I made them adjustable to fit anybody. And the adjustable Towels to Apron strings were born! They are hand made by myself and my husband in our house. Our daughter Izabelle is our inspiration and our motivator. We are hoping to grow our small business into something she can carry on.
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