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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Mount Desert Island Ice Cream
7 Firefly Land
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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Mount Desert Island Ice Cream aims to make gourmet ice cream, sorbet and cocktail mixes with good, pure, fresh flavors. It's all about keeping it pretty simple. Simplicity, is the guiding principle behind my flavors. It's about straightforward, intense flavor.

All products are made in very small batches - no more than 5 gallons at one time - using the freshest ingredients. In addition, the amount of air whipped into the ice cream is kept at a minimum - about 50% -60% where normally an ice cream can have up to 100% air. This makes these ice creams extremely dense, creamy and rich, and since they're not stored for many months at a time before distribution, they keep that great fresh taste.

The fruit sorbets are also made entirely by hand, that means each fruit is individually squeezed (unless of course, its a mango!) This results in a more intense flavor.