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Friday, July 29, 2016
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Country Canes of Maine
31B Pheasant Road
Saco, ME 04072

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What's New:
Many new hiking and walking sticks have been created with some unusual woods added as tops..........all have rubber tips to protect them..
Member Profile:
Our motto has become, "started by nature, finished by us.....Maple, Oak, Birch Saplings are cut and stripped of their bark and allowed to dry for a month or so. This process takes us to sanding and shaping the canes or walking sticks to a desired style and shape. The color stain or lack of is then chosen. The handles that are used are unique to each individual one of a kind product. There are many different shapes and types of wood are used in many free form shapes...some handles are from old unused items, such as old doorknobs, brass hames, even table feet....., all to your own taste and feel. They can be cut to size, rather it be for a man or woman or even a child if need be. Some have inlay of stones or fossils or even special coins

The workmanship behind these products cannot be appreciated until they are seen. Please feel free to email for more information, please be patient for we are anticpating and working on a more in depth web site in hopes to have photos of these beautiful canes & walking sticks. All canes and sticks are coated with polly or tounge oil to protect each one....I recently have started making beads which have been added to some canes and hiking sticks, also I have started to use deer and moose antlers (mostly sheds) as handles and tops to hicking sticks, they are exremely comfortable as handles and eye catching on the hiking stick.....I have also added old marbles to many of my pieces.........more photos are avaliable, if you are from away I can email a pic of ones of interest......I can ship anywhere in USA.
Member Bio:
Lee was a member of Concept School Of Art, of Portland in the late 60's and early 70's where he spent 4 yrs.......mostly painting.

After becoming disabled from a back injury and needing a cane he made one for himself...while going out people kept asking "hey where did ya get that cane", the reply was, "I made it", wow, I sure would like one was the response........a nidea was born..........

Maddy is also creative and restores and lines old boxes to a beautiful new product.....see Maddys Treasures here on mainemade
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