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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Cottage Mill, LLC
P.O.Box 66
469 North Sedgwick Road
Sedgwick, ME 04676
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
Radial Sawn Vertical Grain Eatern White Pine Clapboards in lengths to 16' for antique and new construction.
Quartersawn square edge eastern white pine lap siding for new and antique restoration.
Radial sawn eastern white pine bevel lap siding for new and antique restoration.

Member Profile:
Kiln-Dried Eastern White Cedar Decorative Shingles.

Eighteen standard designs and special orders are welcomed including antique restoration.

Available in Clear and Second Clear grades.

Kiln dried White Cedar Shims (carton only).
Member Bio:
After twenty-five years in the building trades, Foster B. Blake, Jr. and Linda G. Blake sold their business in 1998 and pursued the whims and fantasies developed over that time. However, after five years of slaying those whims and fantasies we decided that we needed to be productive again. Thusly, Cottage Mill was born in 2003. We started manufacturing white cedar decorative shingles. Within two years of startup Foster decided he wanted to design and build a mill that would produce radial sawn vertical grain eastern white pine clapboards in lengths beyond the available 8' at that time. Well, he did it and we are now sawing radial clapboards to 16' lengths! So give us a call if you are restoring a vintage building or building something contempory.

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  469 North Sedgwick Road Sedgwck, Maine