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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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Spring Break Maple & Honey
3315 US Route 2
PO Box 190
Smyrna, ME 04780
Business Hours:
Wed Thurs & Fri 10am-4pm Sat 9am-3pm
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
A visit to our Sugarhouse entitles you to some of the best tasting pure Maine maple syrup and pure Maine honey in the area. Now the largest maple candy maker in Maine you will get a free sample of our freshly made candy. You will also find many Maine gifts such as handmade ash baskets, handmade baby items, Maine books, candles, hand painted signs, bee's wax candles, homemade goat's milk soaps & lotions, pancake mix, balsam bags, homemade catnip toys and much much more. We speicalize in unique MAINE & NEW ENGLAND made products.
Member Profile:
We produce Pure Maine maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar candy,maple granulated & block sugar, maple sugar, pure Maine wildflower honey, maple coated nuts plus many other treats made with maple syrup and honey.

We carry a small version of the Aroostook County potato basket handmade from brown ash. Our specialty is maple candy, syrup & Honey products.
Member Bio:
We own and operate a business but during the spring we are always guaranteed a "SPRING BREAK" which consists of 6-8 weeks in March and April. Kevin works in the field and I do the office work.

One spring he was on "SPRING BREAK", which means he doesn't have to get up and go to work but I did. So after a few days of having him interrupt me and me falling behind in my work, I told him he needed to go and tap some trees. Thus the beginning of "SPRING BREAK MAPLE".

In 2001 Kevin decided he wanted to become a beekeeper so he found a man by the name of Jim Delong who was a beekeeper and he called him. This was in July and he figured he would just get some information and begin his beekeeping in 2002, but low and behold Jim had just gotten a swarm of bees so he sold them to Kevin with all the gear to become a beekeeper. Thus the beginning of "SPRING BREAK MAPLE AND HONEY".

We have now turned these two hobbies into a business. We currently have just under 3000 taps, we currently have 25 beehives which produce extracted honey. Our products are available at local stores and gift shops throughout Maine and online. Please feel free to contact us anytime, we love to share both of these adventures. We hold open houses in the spring and you can stop in and watch maple syrup being made and sample many of the product lines we carry.
  Gourmet Specialty Foods

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  Breakfast at Grumpy's Southwest Harbor
  Crown of Maine Co-op
  Cry of the Loon, Casco
  Georgetown ME
  Gift Shops & Inns in Bar Harbor
  Graves Shop-n-Save, Presque Isle, Maine
  Hannigan's Market, Peaks Island
  Joshua's Restaurant, Wells, Maine
  Len Libby's Scarborough
  Our gift shop, Smyrna Mills ME
  Paradis Shop-n-Save, Houlton, Maine
  Rooster Bros, & John Edward's Mkt, Ellsworth
  Tenant's Harbor
  The Apple Farm, Fairfield
  The Smiling Cow, Camden
  Weston's Farmstand, Freyburg
  Winter Harbor