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Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Nervous Nellie's Jams & Jellies
598 Sunshine Road
Deer Isle, ME 04627

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What's New:
Holiday gift boxes topped with fresh greens and filled with your selection of goodies.

Shipping year-round: jam, chutney, marmalade, Maine maple syrup, scone and griddlecake mixes, honey, pottery, note cards, and other Maine products.

Having finished building a juke joint here, sculptor Peter Beerits is now working on a Western saloon. These icons to American culture provide the perfect platform for sculptural expression. You have to see it to believe it....

Member Profile:
All 15 flavors of jam, chutneys, and marmalade are made by hand in small batches using mostly Maine-grown ingredients.

We are open year-round and visitors are welcome. From May-October our shop has free samples, and the adjacent Mountainville Cafe has good coffee and imported teas with homemade bakery treats, including scones and jam.
Member Bio:
Nervous Nellie's creator is an artist who stumbled into jam-making twenty five years ago when a kitchen stove experiment with Blueberry Ginger Conserve created a demand that begged for a supply. Nervous Nellie's is located on one of Maine's most beautiful, untrammeled islands (there's a bridge -- you don't need a boat) --- Deer Isle. Our jelly kitchen is busy cooking all year long. We have a seasonal cafe and a sales and sampling room that overlook the old apple orchard and wild flower meadow. There are Adirondack chairs for those who like to linger, and lots of good exploring for car-weary kids. An extensive scupture garden--more than 50 outdoor sculptures--includes a castle,complete with knights, maids and merry-makers.
  Gourmet Specialty Foods

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