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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Maine Coast Herbals
749 Avenue Road
Corinth, ME 04427
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
Echinacea soap and Echinacea Cream Concentrate.
Useful in Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema.
Chamomile Face Soap and Chamomile Eye Cream.
Intensely moisturizing for winter-weary skin.
Member Profile:
W e specialize in Medicinal Creams, Soaps, and Salves created with our own Certified Organic Herbs and Flowers. Fresh and dried organically grown and/or ethically wild crafted herbs are used in our products. For optimum potency, our herbs are kept in their original state, whole and complete. We do not process our herbs until an order has been placed, keeping them at peak potency.
Member Bio:
We are a small, family owned business on the coast of Maine. Our specialty is pain management without the harmful use of drugs.
  Garden, Nature, & Recreation

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  Belfast Co-op, Belfast, ME
  Endless Herbs, Newport, ME
  Natural Living Center, Bangor, ME
  Raye's Mustard Mill Gift Shop, Eastport, ME
  Seaview Campground, Eastport, ME
  The Green Store, Damariscotta, ME