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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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Northern Lights Studio
54 Ridgewood Drive
Augusta, ME 04330
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Retail & Wholesale

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Member Profile:
Northern Lights Studio is the design leader in cut and pierced lampshades. Our lamps and shades are sold across the country in finer furniture and lamp galleries. We also sell directly to the public. Since the beginning, the focus has been the manufacture of top quality lampshades and lamps. Each lampshade is hand-crafted in Maine, using the finest quality materials. Just as no two pieces of fine art are identical, no two lampshades are exactly alike, due to the unique handcrafting approach. We have several stock designs and sizes available. We can also create a custom design, shade, and lamp specifically for you.
Member Bio:
Started in Connecticut, as Patricia's Studio, our company is now located in Augusta, Maine and is the design leader in cut and pierced lampshades. We can also provide handpainted lampshades, specialty paper and fabrc shades, and create lamp bases out of a variety of items for you.
  Giftware, Toys, Games & Crafts, Handcrafted Furniture, Home Furnishings

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