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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Heli Modified, Inc.
4 Cornish Business Park
20 Industrial Way
Cornish, ME 04020
Retail & Wholesale

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Member Profile:
Now in our thirteenth year, we have produced thousands of pairs of Heli Bars for happy motorcylists worldwide. Being taller and more rearset, Heli Bars rotate your neck, shoulders and lower back into a much more relaxed, more vertical riding position. By removing some weight from your hands and wrists, Heli Bars greatly improve long distance riding comfort without distracting from sport riding excitement. Heli Bars are designed for easy installation by retaining stock cables, hydraulic lines and requiring little or no modification to your stock equipment. All of our Heli Bars are backed by a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship.
Member Bio:
As an avid motorcyclist for over 30 years, Heli Modified's president, Harry Eddy developed the first pair of Heli Bars in 1987 to add more riding comfort to his own sport bike.
  Garden, Nature, & Recreation