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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Gypsy Wind Productions
PO Box 3833
Auburn, ME 04212
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
In response to our customers' requests Gypsy Wind has created 3 fabulous new sugarless products that are all fruit juice sweetened: Sugarless Raspberry with a summer fresh taste, Sugarless Strawberry, and Sugarless Wild Blueberry Raspberry. Come and see us at Market Square Day in Portsmouth NH, South Berwick's Strawberry Festival, The Yarmouth Clam Festival, The Cumberland Craft Fair, The Fryeburg Fair.
Member Profile:
We have been making our traditional Wild Blueberry betterthanjam for 21 years! In the last year we have added delicious fruit juice sweetened sugarless betterthanjams and wonderful combinations like Wild Blueberry Ginger Marmalade, Wild Blueberry Raspberry, Wild Blueberry Cranberry Spice Relish, Wild Blueberry Maple Magic, Wild Blueberry Banana, Wild Blueberry Hot and Spicy pepperjam, and Wild Blueberry Syrup. All of our products are low sugar, containing half the sugars of jams, jellies and preserves. You get more fruit and half the sweetener! Wild Maine blueberries are nature's best anti-oxidant food. Gypsy Wind also produces and sells Maine chanteuse Jean Meike's eclectic new pop music on CD and cassette. Jean has a unique voice and memorable lyrics.
Member Bio:
The original recipe for our betterthanjam was developed on Paradise Farm in Washington County, Maine 21 years ago. Judith Adele sold the jam, her pickles, and locally handmade crafts at her store at The Gypsy Wagon. During those years Jean also lived in Washington county working at the paper mill driving trucks and writing songs. One sunny afternoon a few years ago, an inspirational Gypsy Wind wafted into our lives and our jammin' collaboration began.
  Gourmet Specialty Foods

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  Come and see us at Craft Fairs and Festivals throughout the year
  Just Maine Made/Portland
  Many other fine stores around Maine and New England
  State of Maine Cheese Co./Rockland
  The Downeast Emporium/Portland Jetport
  The Maine Gathering/Camden
  The Pantry at the Portland Public Market