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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Smith's Log Smokehouse
Po Box 817
Monroe, ME 04951
Retail & Wholesale

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Member Profile:
"Behind the Times" is our slogan, meaning hard, careful work, laboring in our craft to produce the best smoked foods. We've become the best selling Beef Jerky in Maine because of the taste. We have no fancy packaging or fancy displays. It just plain tastes better. Distributors and store owners alike find "Smith's" Beef Jerky to be fast selling and Smith's Log Smokehouse to be a company which stands behind its product.
Member Bio:
SMITH'S LOG SMOKEHOUSE was founded and built in the woods of Maine in 1980 by Andrew Smith, a third generation meat cutter from Philadelphia who came to Maine to lead a simpler life. Smith yarded the logs for his buildings with oxen he raised and trained, using them as well to haul his smoke wood from the forest. This slow, deliberate pace was to be the hallmark of his smoking operation. A family run business, watching over the meat as it cures or the cheese at it slow-smokes over smoldering pecan shells is like watching over one of their own--each batch of hams is tended at birth through maturity, hung in the smokehouse and aged by the loving hands of the family. Smith's motto: "The quality of the latest finished product cannot be superseded by the happiness of the moment."
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