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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Mizkan (formerly World Harbors, Inc.)
176 First Flight Drive
Kittyhawk Industrial Park
Auburn, ME 04210
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
Our new line of El Diablo Mustards!
Member Profile:
World Harbors’ line of sauces and marinades contain 12 distinctive flavors offering a blend of spices, herbs and fruit juices that result in a popular compliment to any meal. All World Harbor products are Kof-K kosher certified, low fat and contain no MSG or Nutrasweet. These popular products offer variety, convenience and value.

El Diablo mustards offer 6 bold and brazen flavors. El Diablo turns the typical and tired-out into full-frontal flavor assaults! Perfect for sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs or as a dip, there's sure to be a flavor for everyone to enjoy.

The Angostura brand features the world-renowned Angostura Aromatic bitters, still considered an almost magically appealing ingredient in every recipe from beverages to main dishes around the world. The Angostura brand has grown to include a full line of premium drink mixers.
Member Bio:
Originally founded in Winthrop, Maine, in April 1990, by Frank Carr and Garth Vdoviak, World Harbors, then known as C.V. Finer Foods, began with eight employees.

The company’s mission was to create sauces for people who were looking for original, high-quality, easy to use flavors. Catering to the American consumer’s desire for quick, easy meals with a variety of ethnic flavors, World Harbors soon introduced sauces and marinades that rapidly became popular in the home. World Harbors’ secret is the combination of spices, herbs, fruit juices and natural sweeteners that give the sauces their unique sweet-tart balance that is appealing to all tastes.

In March 2000, Garth and Frank sold CV Finer Foods to Angostura International Limited, and the Maine company changed its operating name to World Harbors, Inc.

In January 2010, World Harbors, Inc. was purchased by Mizkan, the world leader in liquid condiments!

The World Harbors brand has twelve marinades and sauces which are distributed nationwide and in select international markets. We are continually developing new flavors and products.

Mizkan also markets the world-renowned Angostura Bitters as well as fourteen Angostura Drink Mixers.

World Harbors' many sauces are enormously popular with consumers who prefer extraordinary flavors in their meal preparation. The company's success is based on the dedication of its employees, continued excellence in its existing products and its originality in developing new distinct flavor profiles.

Please check out our website for recipes and exciting contests.
  Gourmet Specialty Foods

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  A.G.- Throughout Maine
  Demoulas Market Basket, Massachusetts
  Food Lion, Massachusetts, NC, SC
  Genuardis, New England
  Grand Union, New York, NJ
  Hannaford, Throughout Maine
  Shaws, Throughout Maine
  Star Market, Massachusetts
  Stop n' Shop, New England