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I have a background in Chemistry, blending ingredients and mixing scents comes naturally to me and something that I love doing! My technical background, experience, passion for sustainability and trying to use more, natural products led me to begin making my own candles and personal care products. Over the years, this steadily increased and led me to opening the business.

I draw inspiration from where I live on the coast, as well as nature, or from things I’ve heard people say they would like to see. I’m originally from Vermont, but have lived in Maine for nearly 20 years. I have always lived on water and now that I am near the coast, would never choose to live anywhere else. There is a certain presence, pull and calming I feel from being in or near the ocean. It can be so dramatic, and so calming at the same time. The name Tide and Isle Co embodies how my husband and I feel about the ocean, it’s a lifestyle, and we know other salty souls can relate. We’re constantly aware of the tides; whether we can bring our dog, Harbour, out for a swim, walk on the beach, paddle board, we’re always planning activities around the water. I try to incorporate our affinity for the ocean through thoughtful design, coastal color palettes, and eco-friendly packaging. Eco-consciousness is a foundation for us, it’s a responsibility we have to the environment and oceans through less waste, toxins and plastics.

Our Products Are Available At The Locations Below

Bow Street Home - Freeport, Maine
Palmer and Co - Freeport, Maine
Farm 23 - Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Hazel Boutique - Portsmouth, New Hampshire