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Our story of clay goes back to 1988 when I was in college at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA. I enrolled in a hand-building course and fell in love with the process of creating. At that time I was only interested in sculptural pieces and one of a kind items. I think that was mostly due to be in an art environment… certainly no one encouraged you to make the same item twice!

Fast forward a few years and Eric and I found ourselves living on the Maine coast and looking for a more rewarding life than bartending and waitressing. He started his own lobstering business and I thought that maybe, just maybe clay might be in my future. So, I purchased a potters wheel and a little gas kiln. I signed up for a pottery making class at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Edgecomb, Me (very cool place and highly recommended for anyone wanting a great clay experience) for 8 weeks and learned to center clay and open it up to make bowls and cylinders. After class I ran home and practiced making more pots on my own wheel. Learning to fire pots in the kiln was a long challenge with many explosions and shard making along the path to finished work. It took me another year of practice before I was making consistent looking pots that were actually sale-able. The learning is ongoing and there are so many techniques and firing practices I haven’t yet tried but plan to in the future.

Our pots are all lead free and dishwasher safe. They are also oven and microwave proof. Please enjoy looking though our shop listings and if we can answer any questions just send us an email.