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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Katahdin Forest Products Co.
Po Box 145
Smyrna Rd.
Oakfield, ME 04763
Retail & Wholesale

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Member Profile:
Katahdin Forest cedar log homes reflect the needs of our customers, people who appreciate beauty as well as function. For over 20 years, Katahdin has been providing custom-designed housing for customers throughout the United States and Canada. Using the finest Maine-grown northern white cedar, we provide the means to fulfill virtually any architectural concept. The beauty and insulating quality of our cedar earns it universal recognition as a superior species for use in log homes.

Throughout our dealer/builder network, or with factory crews, Katahdin Forest Products can provide as much assistance or construction labor as necessary. Dealer inquiries invited.
Member Bio:
Katahdin Forest Products, was founded in 1973, by Foster Gordon, Fred McCormick, and Wayne Farrar. Originated with the desire to produce a top quality log home, make use of an abundant local resource, and to provide employment for the Southern Aroostook County area, Katahdin Forest Products has accomplished this and much, much more. Today, Katahdin Forest Products is known as Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, and is an Environmentally Friendly corporation which allows no part of the natural resource to be wasted. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is able to accomplish this due to its' diversified approach to the manufacturing process. In addition to the top quality log home produced, we also manufacture Cedar Fencing, Cedar Lawn and Garden items, and a line of Cedar Bark Mulch, all from the excess material not usable in the housing line.