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Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Bear Creek Canoe & Kayak
73 Swam Road & Route 107
Sebago, ME 04029
Retail & Wholesale

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1-800-241-2268 or 207-647-5850


What's New:
Bear Creek has introduced a new line of hand laid fiberglass kayaks with reinforced bottoms, fold-down seat, and a shallow keel for easy tracking. Available in 5 colors.
Member Profile:
MADE IN MAINE is a phrase that has come to mean a product that is crafted with care - rugged and utilitarian like the people and the state. Bear Creek Canoes continue this tradition with a product line that fits the needs of both recreational and hard-core enthusiasts. All of our canoes are constructed from the highest quality materials by people who know canoes and care about the quality of the product that they deliver to the customer.

Bear Creek Canoes has produced an economical series of chopped glass canoes in four sizes, with the same high quality of workmanship as seen in the Bear Creek line for over a decade.
Member Bio:
Bear Creek Canoes began in 1981 by Robert Brawn of Limerick, Maine. His skill, inspiration, and innovative engineering is the foundation for the products' success, and his designing input continues to be a monumental asset to the company.
  Boat & Marine, Garden, Nature, & Recreation

Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  Hotspots Outfitters, New Durham, NH
  Southern Maine Marine, Aurdel, ME
  Up the Creek, Branford, CT