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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Nature's Flame Candles
PO Box 763
Sabattus, ME 04280
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
Offering a unique line of beeswax candles adorned with various Maine wildflowers, berries & cones. Currently I am stocking up for the holidays with Rustic Oddities from the Past. Primitive Ornies, Traditional hand dipped BeesWax Candles and so much more! Buzz through the Candle & Gift Shoppe to view these offerings. Bulk orders & custom inquiries are welcome. Should you have any thoughts, questions or wishes I am only an email away.
Member Profile:
Nature's Flame Candles offers a choice of illuminaries that are a blend of the finest beeswax, organic dyes & essential oils, decorated with wild flowers & imagination. Offering Beeswax treats that are a refuge of the individual spirit in a mass produced world.
Member Bio:
I began candlemaking during the early 90's. Delighted with the messes we created in the apartment...soon we began making candles in large quantities...covering every flat surface within access to the stovetop! The goal was to create a candle that shares our appreciation of the outdoors, is clean & safe to burn, affordable and unique to what is available in the mass market. Nature's Flame was then borne. It was not long before we moved to a log cabin in the woods of western Maine. We now offer over 12 aromatherapy blends, many herbal & spice blends as well as rustic oddities and traditional hand dipped candles. The many adornments on our candles are gathered in Maine each season. Visit to see what we are all about.
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