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Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Brahms Mount
115 Main Street
Freeport, ME 04032
Retail & Wholesale

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What's New:
We now run a Factory Store on the website, and update it with New wonderful items that we manufacture.
Member Profile:
Brahms/Mount Textiles designs and weaves cotton and linen blankets, manufactured with implicit attention to quality, simplicity in the preservation of craftsmanship and tradition. The tactile and aesthetic properties of these comfortable products are beyond compare. Brahms/Mount blankets are thick and textural, providing warmth and comfort in all seasons. Yarns employed are twisted and plied to company specifications to create drape, softness and desired 'hand'. The flax fiber, which is spun into linen yarn, has many properties that ease stress and promote a more restful sleep. Cotton and linen have advantages as bedding products. Both fibers breathe well and enhance the quality of sleep. Brahms/Mount blankets are entirely original fabric designed with care, for comfort, health and well-being. They are manufactured on site, in Maine, on beautiful antique shuttle looms.
Member Bio:
Claudia Brahms and Noel J. Mount founded Brahms/Mount Textiles in 1983. Both share a love, and life long commitment to textile design and manufacturing. They located a place in which to live, and house their growing business. Originally, there were two handlooms upon which Luke S. MacFayden, master hand weaver, created samples designed by Claudia Brahms. From 1983 to 1986, Brahms/Mount Textiles enjoyed steady growth based upon the success of their hand-woven throw and upholstery designs.
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Retail locations carrying this member's products:
  With over 500 Wholesale accounts around the country we suggest that you phone for a Store near you.... and if there is none in your area..... we will sell directly to you.